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What are the features of Essential pods?

Essential pods (Navigation + Basic Fitness Metrics) Outdoor and Offline Navigation Modes Basic Fitness Metrics Turn by Turn Navigation Share your Location

Do I have to buy a pair of pods for each purchase of Lechal footwear?

No. The Lechal ecosystem has been designed for you to use the same pods along with the entire range of styles that Lechal has to offer.

I can’t find a charger with the pods and the charging dock

The charging dock is designed to connect to your existing Android/iPhone charger. You can also use the provided USB cable to charge your pods via any USB port.

Will I experience any side effects after using the Lechal footwear?

Lechal footwear has been designed keeping your safety in mind. As long as the pods are used in Lechal footwear, and in the manner prescibed, you will be perfectly safe. Furthermore, the vibration intensity of Lechal pods can be customised for your comfort.

How long does the charge on battery last, once they are fully charged?

Lechal pods can last upto 15 days on a single full charge.

I have lost one of my pods. Can I buy a single one?

No, Lechal pods are always sold in pairs.

Can I use one pod instead of two?

No. You will have to use both pods for the complete Lechal experience.

What is the power rating of the Charging Dock?

The maximum power consumption while charging is 1.5W. i.e. +5V DC, 0.3 A.

How do I charge the pods?

Just put the pods into slots in the Charging Dock in any direction, and close the cover. Connect the Dock to any standard USB port via the cable provided.

Can I connect my Charging Dock to any USB port?

Yes, you can.

How long do I charge my pods?

The pods take approximately 2.5 hours to charge. There is also an auto shutdown feature that automatically stops the pods from charging once fully charged. You need not worry if it is kept on charge overnight.

Do the pods have to be inserted in a specific direction into the Charging Dock?

No, the pods can be inserted in any direction into the Dock and can be charged.

How do I know that both pods are connected to my phone?

There is a visual indication on the app as well as a test haptic feedback option. You will feel vibrations from both pods with a test vibration. You will also receive haptic feedback when you connect or disconnect with your smartphone.

How do I know my pods are charging?

When both pods are inserted properly, the LED light on the Charging Dock will blink when charging. You will also receive a haptic feedback.

How do I know when the pods are fully charged?

The LED light on the Charging Dock will have a steady glow. Alternatively, the charge status is also available via the app on your smartphone.

Can I charge one pod at a time?

No. The Charging Dock is designed to charge both the pods together.

How does the phone connect to the footwear?

The phone connects to the pods via Bluetooth Smart.

What are the devices on which the app works?

The app is supported on Android 4.3 and newer, iPhone 4s and newer, iPad 3rd Gen and newer and iPad mini and newer.

Can I use the app when my phone is offline and doesn’t have an active internet connection?

Yes. Several features of Lechal are designed to work offline. Check our technology section for more details.

Do Lechal insoles need to be used with Lechal shoes?

No. Lechal insoles are a standalone product with the same functionality. They are designed to transform your existing footwear into smart footwear.

How does the footwear communicate with me?

The footwear communicates with you via gentle vibratory responses or haptic feedback.

Can I use the Lechal insole with any shoe?

Yes. You can slip the insole into most closed shoes.

What are the insoles made of?

The Lechal Mach Unisex Insoles are made of fabric.

Are the insoles washable?

Yes. Please remove your pods before you do. Please visit the care section to learn how to take care of your footwear.

How do I know how much of my insole to trim?

Place your feet on the insole, mark the outline of the front of your foot with a pen. Remove your foot and cut along the outline. For your convenience, the insole already has certain size guidelines marked.

What type of shoes can the buckle be used with?

Buckles can be used for most shoes with laces, however the shoes should have at least five lacing holes.

Does the buckle depend on shoe size?

No, it doesn't depend on shoe size.

How can we lace the buckles?

A buckle lacing guide is provided with the packaging. Please refer to that

Is there a specific orientation in which the pod should be placed?

Yes, with the Lechal logo facing top.

Will the pods fall out during running or other fitness activities?

No, provided you snap it firmly in place, the pods will not fall out.

How to insert/remove the pod?

Please refer to the downloadable user guide.

Can I leave the buckles on when I wash my shoes?

Yes, but do remember to take the pods out.

Is there a way to intensify the vibrations on pods while using buckles?

Yes, you can change the vibration intensity of pods in the app.

How does the footwear communicate with me?

The footwear communicates with you via gentle vibratory responses or haptic feedback.

What are the shoes made of?

Lechal shoes are made of leather, suede or microfiber, depending on the style.

Can the pods be interchanged and inserted into different shoes every time?

Yes. The pods can be inserted into any shoe. You can use the app to assign left, right or swap between the pods by a simple click of a button.

Are the shoes waterproof?

While the pods are water-resistant, the water-resistance of your Lechal shoes depends on the material like any other shoes. Please visit the care section to learn how to take care of your footwear.

Can I see or try Lechal footwear before I order?

We are working on making the product available in stores. But, right now, you’re going to have to trust us when we say that Lechal is really cool.

How do I place an order?

You can order at

Why am I unable to order 15 pairs of everything?

We consider anything over five pairs of a single type of product a bulk order. We’ll be happy to sell you 15 pairs of everything, but will process the order separately. Please e-mail us at for bulk orders.

I can’t place an order! I keep having technical glitches.

Our site is best supported by Chrome, Firefox, Safari or IE 9 and higher. If you’ve been using another browser, please try again with any of these browsers. If you’re still having trouble, please e-mail us at

What are the payment options available to me?

Firstly, thanks! We appreciate the faith you’re putting in our upstart start-up. Secondly, if you’re an Indian resident, you can pay using credit or debit cards, Net Banking or PayPal. For those of you who reside outside of India, we accept PayPal, credit or debit cards.

How safe is it to shop on your site?

Our site is Fort Knox-levels of secure, trust the 128-bit SSL security encryption certification awarded to our website. Your transaction is secure if you see a “key lock” symbol on the URL of your web browser. We do not hold on to your complete card details post transaction.

Will I receive spam mails from you and will you share my details with others?

We do not share or sell your personal and contact information. This information is used by us to process your order correctly and efficiently. We are also anti-spam here at Lechal and will not send you anything you do not want to receive.

I think I may have been charged twice! What do I do?

E-mail us at and we’ll check if you have been charged multiple times. If our chat is active, you can also ping us and our customer service team will be happy to look into this.

How can I be sure that my order went through?

You will receive an order confirmation via e-mail within 24 hours of placing the order. If you haven’t, your order has most likely not been registered. Please try again!

What is the return, exchange and replacement policy?

Click here for our policy on return, exchange and replacement of Lechal footwear.









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