Born in a tiny apartment, based out of an ancient city, India's first wearable technology company is a start-up story like no other. Peopled with an eclectic mix of designers, engineers, and everyone in between, Ducere now numbers over a 100 people who not only dare to think differently, but also dare to do differently.



With the singular aim of disruptive design and espousing the principles of universal design, our philosophy and process are exceptionally simple - find the most inclusive and intuitive way to solve the problem.

Sometimes this means going back to the drawing board a 100 times, sometimes it means discarding the drawing board all together, but it always results in a prototype. Not every prototype ends up as a product, but every prototype is tested and tried before being rejected or refined. Rather than being bound by budgets or business plans, we choose to challenge ourselves to create constantly and creatively.

We believe that the future of wearable technology is not just form and function but also fashion, and that drives us to play with materials and mechanisms in avant-garde ways.




Not content to rewrite the rules of design, we also focus on rethinking manufacturing processes and techniques to make them more sustainable.

With an all-consuming passion for quality and an eye on perfect execution, Lechal’s components are made by some of the world’s best-known manufacturers and assembled at our facility by a line with a difference. Nearly 75% of our manufacturing staff is differently-abled. They put together every Lechal pod, and package each product with a focus, care and efficiency that rivals any line anywhere in the world.