Lechal insoles shown inside shoes and can be used to navigate.
lechal insoles connect  to your mobile phone using bluetooth technology


you can use  lechal mobile app and tell your destination through vocie commands


insoles direct to your destination using haptic (vibratory) feedback.


insoles direct to your destination using haptic (vibratory) feedback.


Lechal uses the technology of touch or haptics to create a truly interactive experience for the user. Available as two separate products - insoles that make your favorite shoes smarter or a range of already smart Lechal shoes that make a definitive style statement. Your smart footwear connects to our App on your phone via Bluetooth. Use it as a navigational tool or track your activity from a fitness perspective. The footwear communicates with you via gentle vibrations or haptic feedback, making it a hands-free experience. Lechal adds new meaning to the phrase “good vibrations”!

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The footwear that vibrates is the way to go!


Intuitive, unobtrusive turn-by-turn route guidance via haptic feedback Supports offline navigation (no data connection required) Supports walking, cycling, driving, and public transit modes Route selection based on calories burnt, fastest time, shortest distance Create custom routes or trails Tag favorite locations Share locations and routes Link or group your journeys with friends


Track steps, calories burnt, distance covered Set fitness goals and customize workouts Record milestones and fitness activity over time Let your footwear be your fitness coach and set the pace Remotely challenge other Lechal users


Hands-free, eyes-free, and audio-free interaction Haptic feedback via gentle vibrations Customize the intensity of the haptic vibrations Control your footwear through foot gestures Control your App through voice commands

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Our footwear has evolved into a solution for anyone who wants to walk the Lechal way. But it started out of a simple impulse to use technology to help the visually-impaired navigate their worlds better.

This impulse continues to guide Lechal’s design philosophy, aesthetic, and manufacturing process, which is one that puts inclusiveness first.

Since we are as big on our karma quotient as we are on our cool quotient, we thought it only fitting that part of the proceeds from the sale of each pair of Lechal footwear goes towards subsidising a pair for someone who is visually-challenged.

Lechal has partnered with the world-renowned L.V. Prasad Eye Institute to make this a reality.

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